Economics Dept.





 Cool Heads, Warm Hearts...
These words, taken from sentiments expressed by the great Cambridge economist Alfred Marshall, are often taken to describe the discipline of economics as whole. In essence, the discipline marshals the intellectual powers of its adherents in a methodical scientific approach to the fundamental social problem of limited resources. This demand for analytical rigor has often been mistaken to mean that economists are uncaring automatons or practitioners of a “dismal science.” To the contrary, it is the desire to see the welfare of society enhanced in meaningful ways, grounded in the recognition of the inevitable need for choices, which drives the economist. This perspective, more than anything, describes economics instruction, research and extension at the University of San Carlos at its Department of Economics. Cool headed, not cold hearted; warm not bleeding hearts; science in the study and service of society.
The Department of Economics is a small but friendly department in the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of San Carlos. With our low ratio of students per lecturer, we are able to offer intensive and personalized instruction in core economic courses. The department faculty is a dedicated group of economists with diverse interests. Our research focuses on select areas in economic development, environmental policy, human resources, business & industry, and energy.
Our undergraduates are especially active in academic pursuits, with a large proportion consistently landing in the Dean’s List. At the same time, the Carolinian Economics Society, the co-curricular student organization of the department, encourages participation in many social and spiritual activities. Our graduate students often come to the department from other fields such as engineering, accounting, statistics, business administration, and government service in addition to a large number with economics backgrounds. They hold in common the recognition that advanced training in economics is valuable to their professional advancement. The department also trains many academics in the Southern Philippines.
Economics is a social science that studies choice in the face of constraints. Economic analysis and methods can be applied to understanding a wide-range of human concerns: from stabilizing prices and choosing business strategies to controlling pollution and improving healthcare, plus much more.
The department offers both undergraduate and graduate economics programs. The undergraduate program has an innovative five-track structure that allows students a choice between different fields of concentration apart from core economic courses. The Law and Politics Track caters to those intending to study law or launch a career in government and foreign service. The Business Track combines economics training with the essentials of business administration and accounting. The IT Track provides a background in programming, networking and database management for economists who intend to work in technology enterprise. The Statistics Track is ideal preparation for those intending to pursue graduate studies. The Social Science Track is for students who prefer a more general preparation.
We also offer a thesis-track Master of Arts in Economics as well as a non-thesis Master in Economics program. Graduate coursework can be normally completed in two years.